Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain, rain go away

Hate days like today. Its been raining the past couple of days here, and so therefore I cannot ride. But today is the worst of them all. Why you ask? Well its because of the sun shining and the wet roads. Its a teaser saying ahh not good enough.

Hopefully the weekend will be nice though. Got big plans for my bike. I planning on doing my long ride for the first time and I'm pretty excited.

Bartus on a Trek

Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep Rollin'

The weekend was so far the best riding I have done yet. I had beautiful weather courtesy of mother nature so I was able to get some personal bests. I did 21 miles on both Saturday and Sunday and totaled 61 miles for the week. Woohoo go me!! I even saw a snake in my travels, which kinda freaked me out at the beginning. Unfortunately for the snake it caught a one way trip to heaven the following day....not by me of course.

My darling wife is the best and if it wasn't for her my journey would have never started or even gotten this far. She has been more than encouraging. Even to the point of her suggesting I do my long trip sooner than later. A trip to EMS followed, because I needed an extra bottle. I go through liquid like crazy during my travels. My legs feel sore today which is good. Hopefully by tuesday they will be back at 100%. I plan on doing my loop after work.

Bartus on a Trek

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Journey on a Bike

Several months ago my journey of cycling began with a GMC Denali Road Bike from Walmart. I would have never thought that I would fall in love with it as much as I did though. I started out modestly with a small 6 mile loop around Bedminster and Bernards Townships, and took two breaks as well. After the first ride I was in love. I kept going harder and faster every time I rode, and I also started thinking bout my future bike. The joy I got from going up and down the hills made me realize that this was my sport. Sure I played soccer and went snowboarding but there is something different about cycling. The freedom of riding through the country side and seeing all the awesome things nature has to offer. But beyond all that I wanted to get better and better, and it was time to invest. Thank God for sales! because my Trek 1.2 was bought a couple weeks ago. Also thanks to my wife Kirsy for supporting me. What a difference a real bike makes. I have been able to increase my ride to a 10.5 mile loop that I can modify to my physical ability on any given day. I went from doing maybe 20 miles a week to doing 40-50 miles now. My Trek bike was the best investment in sports I have ever made. I also named her Janice :)

And thats where the journey of Bartus on a Trek begins!